Our Concept

Working side by side every day, we create abstract artwork. From building frames and mixing paints, to exploring different techniques with the brush and knives, every aspect of this organic process is done by our own hands to birth unique piece of art.

Our preferred medium is acrylics on canvas. However, multiple mediums and textures such as paper, wood, plaster, glue, fabrics, plastic, and threads are creatively integrated through our vision.


The collaboration of husband and wife as well as an artistic duo produces an environment of synergy. It is nearly impossible to separate where the art begins in our day to day lives. We constantly share ideas, talk art at home, discuss the best way to realize the new artwork. There is always a part of us both in each piece we create as ArtLap. We are an eternal support and an inspiration for each other and this is the balance we have found for our art and life. Artlap is truly a creation made from love.