Two Russian artists Yulia and Dmitry, with a passion for travel we set out to take in the beauty and experience of the world. Our paths crossed in Thailand where we built our family and the ArtLap.


Yulia Lapatina

My name is Yulia. I am an artist, born in 1987 in one of provincial towns of Russian Federation named Kirov. My parents, both medical doctors, appreciated the fine arts, music, literature and dance which were encouraged from an early age in my home. This made my move to Saint Petersburg to study International Art and European Languages a logical progression. My passion for world culture and my desire to enlarge the knowledge in this domain lead me to pursue a Master degree in Tourism and Cultural Heritage in Lyon, France. My creativity and perspective were appreciated and soon either by fate or design my journey brought me to Thailand where I met Dmitry and where we created ArtLap together.


Dmitry Lapatin

The son of two architects, I was born in 1985 in Tomsk, Russia. I grew up surrounded by sketches, plans, board models and all the architectural apparatuses imaginable. My father was also a passionate watercolor artist who took me, when I was a kid, to different architect and artist studios. These small outings filled my spirit thoughts of artistic creation. Drawing and design coupled with the enthusiasm and thirst for knowledge as well as the propensity in mathematics brought me to the art of programming which resulted in a degree in Computer Science. In 2014 I took a sabbatical from my tech career, came to Thailand and returned to my roots as a visual artist. I then met Yulia and decided to stay.